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                Anhui East Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has been committed to the development of the vanguards of the Chinese forging industry, specialized production of the series hydraulic bending machines, cutting machines, punch, coiling machine, and so on stamping, sheet metal processing equipment modernization provincial star enterprises.

                companies strictly in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system. The existence of a strong contingent of technical strength and development, in order to meet customer requirements for the particular product can be tailored for your personalized products. In terms of product quality, sales and after sales service, in the same trade in the country are enjoyed a high reputation.

                company is located in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties and the Yangtze River in Nanjing-Wuhu port between Frank Ma'anshan City. Near the Nanjing Lukou International Airport, traffic is extremely convenient. Welcome to customers personally visited and inspected. The company occupies more than 100 acres, two things at the plant area, which has 30,000 square meters of factory production for the eight processing center, were ordinary shear pack machine, CNC machine tools shear pack, coiling machine, punch, the sheet metal ellipses, the machining, riveting and comprehensive processing. Another built a restaurant building, office entertainment, and other large-scale facilities. Current production employees and nearly 800 sales staff, sales network in major cities across the country, the annual output value of more than billion.

                outstanding products and quality after-sales service is not only the East China Sea enterprises are the main reason for the rapid development health, but also tens of millions of customers use the East China Sea machine confidently guarantee. We strive for a goal - the pioneering and innovative, leading the trend, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, creating forging industry Rising Star aircraft carrier!